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I am "Marler", 22 years old and a Dutch student.

I am not a huge fan of justin but I do feel he has a couple of songs that are very well made. Ever since Believe hit the shelves I started to develop a liking to him even though  I mostly got interested because of all the charity and other things he does for his fans. Apart from that I think he is a genuinely kind hearted person that tries his best to leave a positive mark on the world.

Before I started writing on this site I had 0 writing experience so I am looking for people who can give me honest feedback so I can improve my writing. I strongly believe that detail adds to a story so you might think some things are a little slow:>

I love to read well written books and stories and therefor I don't mind you sharing your stories with me. However as stated above I am eager to learn so if you could take the time to read and review my stories I would be more then eager to read and review yours.

I write for myself and to express myself in all the ways that I unfortunately don't have the courage for yet in real life. Hopefully one day I can share these stories with the people close to me but for now it's all for you.


PS: Since the contact author button does not seem to work you can reach me @

PPS: Stories or authors that you must check out because they are either awesome, super awesome, or godlike! (or they helped me:>)

Act I: The Beginning by SamuelDelBieber why? Because he is a beast! That's why. And because he is a beast ( just so you know)

Everything by Boylieber By mostly BBE and BTD!

A Love Affair Because, Just wow.

Everything by 808life His reviews are just amazing and his stories are even better !

Bridget Simply a very talented writer.

NightOwl1992 Cuz he is an awesome reviewer and needs some motivation to keep writing!

kittykat These stories are different, I will tell you that!

So let me know if I forgot you because I tried not to ! ( I swear )




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