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I dedicate each and every one of my stories to Justin bieber; I started writing stories hoping it would make a difference. Its quite hard to explain but you see we might not know each other and probably never will, but I’m honestly hoping that by the time it takes you to read my words we can actually connect, I want to be able to make someone smile on their worst day just by reading my stories, I want to make someone believe again even though they swore they never would. I know this can sound really deep but I just really wanted you guys to know because it’s important to me to make a difference. I hope I can help people throughout my words just like Justin bieber helped me throughout his music


Twitter: Simple_wildsoul

p.s: i'm sorry for any grammatical errors, i'm french and only 14 years old:) hope you understand!:) thank you xoxo


-Sabrina Jarry

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