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SMSF is basically an abbreviation for self-managed super fund. It is more of a trust structure which involves superannuation. The purpose of SMSF is to provide financial remuneration to the members who are getting retired. The major difference between other super funds and SMSF’s is that the members of SMSF are also trustees of the fund.


SMSFs can have members between 1-4. The major advantage which SMSF offers is the level of control which the trustees can enjoy especially when it comes to tailoring of the funds. This is very different from industry and retail super funds. The decisions in SMSF are collective as opposed to being individual centric.


The main purpose behind the establishment of SMSFs is to provide financial benefits to the people who are getting retired.  The members have their own rollovers, Tax File Number, Transactional bank account and payout pensions. The majority of SMSF investments are being controlled by the trustees. The options related to the trustees are 2, both these options are stated in the points below

-              The first option is corporate trustee, in this option the company operates as a trustee and each particular member serves as the director. The registration of assets becomes easier in this setting due to the simplicity of the structure.

-              The second option can be termed as individual trustee; the number of trustees required in this setting is 2. Each member gets appointed as a trustee.

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