Bieber Plus
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Sophia Linde had dedicated her summer to completing a list of 100 things that she felt she needed to do. Without doing these things, her life would not be complete. To her, it's a solo adventure.


But to him, it's a chance to get to know a beautiful girl. 


With ninty-two tasks down, and eight to go, Sophia picks up a little bit of unwanted luggage, named Justin Bieber. 


But Sophia has a secret; a reason for flying solo. Can she shake Justin before he finds out?

Rated: Teens
Categories: Characters: Justin Bieber
Genre: Romance
Length: Multi-Chapter
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Published: 06/13/11 Updated: 10/17/11
Story Notes:

Hi guys. The chapters in this story are long, and the story changes significantly in each chapter. I'd love for you to review as you go. After each chapter, before moving on, tell me what you thought of that specific chapter, because then I get to see how your opinions/reactions change as you go. I know its a little bit more effort, but I'd love it if you attempted that! Thank you my lovely readers xoxox

1. One. by ClaireXo [Reviews - 171] (3079 words)

Guys this is basically introductary! More eventfulness to come!

2. Two. by ClaireXo [Reviews - 55] (4008 words)

Chapter two! :) I'm excited. Its super long btw. xoxo

3. Three. by ClaireXo [Reviews - 59] (4487 words)

I wrote this chapter and I couldn't wait to post it. Sooo excited. Ps. Watch out; I dropped a big hint.

4. Four. by ClaireXo [Reviews - 47] (3841 words)

Discover :)

5. Five. by ClaireXo [Reviews - 145] (3856 words)

Warning: Important Chapter. xox

6. Six. by ClaireXo [Reviews - 136] (3826 words)

Sorry this took a little long, but its here! :) Please read the end notes too, loves.

7. Seven. by ClaireXo [Reviews - 92] (3500 words)
Hello. I'm so sorry for the huge three wee long wait. I was on a spanish immersion program in cosa rica, no computer. I can't express how sorry I am. Butt the chapter is here. Please don't be too angry with me!

8. Eight. by ClaireXo [Reviews - 55] (1397 words)
Last Chapter guys!! But there will be an epilouge, okay? So don't untrack yet! Love you all so much, I can't even describe it

9. Epilogue by ClaireXo [Reviews - 164] (482 words)

I know its in the same day as the last chapter, but please review Eight. If you havent already! thank you so much guys, and read the end notes. xox