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1. This website is both heterosexual and homosexual themed content friendly. Users will not harass other users, authors or staff for posting stories with either content.

1A. Anyone found harassing other users will have their IP banned, and will then be reported to their ISP.

2. By accessing this website, the user agrees that the administration and the authors will not be held responsible or liable for any damages resulting from the information, stories and service provided. Users should read stories at their own risk.

2A. Anyone found willfully uploading content with a virus/trojan/harmful material will be banned by IP and then reported to their ISP

3. Individual stories are owned by their authors. The administration is not responsible for the author's opinion, whether expressed in a piece of fiction or biography. The administration is not responsible for the content of websites linked to in an author's profile, nor any images posted by an author.

4. Because the stories are owned by their authors, the authors may edit or delete their stories (and accounts) at any time without fear of retribution from the staff. The administration does not keep backups of stories or accounts for this reason.

5. Authors are responsible for rating their stories correctly according to content. The administration is not responsible if readers are offended. Read at your own risk.

6. Users will not harass the administration, authors, forum users or reviewers for any reason. Harassing behavior may include, but is not limited to: flaming, trolling, posting spam reviews, abusing the author contact form, or spamming the message board.

7. The administration reserves the right to refuse any user service for any reason. Users may not create multiple accounts for any reason. Users must be 13 years old or older to register.

8. By viewing this site, registering, reviewing stories, viewing the forum or otherwise accessing the content of justinbieberfanfiction .com, users agree to the Terms of Service.

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